De-armouring – shadows and armours

With great pleasure, we invite you to an outstanding seminar to clear, release and revive your body and soul!
If you want to explore yourself in depth and to maximize your capacity in intimacy, sexuality, love and bonding, this seminar is for you!

Short description:
This workshop will give you an opportunity to peek at the vast possibilities of De-armouring and Human Design system for discovering of our shadows and their imprinting in the body; to show you the ways you build walls against an authentic connection with the others.

De-armouring is a powerful technique for clearing old models and traumas from the physical, emotional and energy body. In this workshop, this will be combined with clearing old patterns and links. With this holistic approach, transformation and connection to our bodies and our energy potential becomes lasting and complete. Each person wears one or more energy bumpers to protect us from potential injury and pain. However, they block our vital energy and potential and prevent us from enjoying our relationships and life. De-armouring will release and revive your body and help you build new ways in your mind, body and energy to make the best of yourself and your relationships.

Human Design is a science of differentiation. It offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, it guides you in discovering your own truth. If you suffer from a lack of self-love or clarity about your purpose and the direction of your life, this system can help. When you come to Human Design as an adult, it has the potential to awaken your innate wisdom and power.

Let’s discover our true selves to shine again with our true glow and light!

At this workshop, you will meet with yourself, an opportunity for a great change in your understanding of who you are.
We will unite Eastern and Western thinking and techniques, which will bring you to mental clarity of your individual essence, combining that with practices for its embodiment.
You will de-armour yourself and your shadows on mental, emotional and physical level, through a magnifying glass, in order to record in your cells your authenticity.
You will meet your real self and learn about your body and mind capacity to feel, transform, love, speak and stand up for yourself.
Finally, the only thing that will remain in you will be the truth about who you are and what you are.
To get on a taxi called life – calm, surrendered, in delight, with the only task of riding on it, because you are the best version of You!

What are we going to do?
– Exploration of the individual energy type according to your personal Bodygraph
– Awakening of the body
– Explore different archetypes
– Rest, rejuvenation and reflection
– Individual body reactions
– Reflex orgasm
– Orgasm meditation
– Types of energy relationships and their embodiment
– Energy and body communication
– Empowering the orgasmic function
– De-armouring
– Body counting using the de-armouring method
– Practices to reinforce sexual energy
– Practices to maintain ecstatic life

The time we live NOW is a time when we can better understand our bodies and our souls.
Let’s get to know each other and love, develop our personal capacity, start talking about the things that are important to us!

Personal birth data of each participant are required at sign up for the preparation of an individual Human Design Bodygraph.

Early bird for the first 8 sign-ups: 1800 NIS
Regular price: 2200 NIS

Ishtar Center, Israel

For more information and sign up:
Avishag Zloof – 050-6789911

This workshop is for men and women

This workshop is for every person who:
• wants to make a positive change in their lives
• wants to reconcile with the mail/female in itself
• wants to get rid of masks and armour and to become authentic
• wants to make his/her own personal revolution
• thinks that time is NOT to be wasted
• is ready to support him/herself, to support our brothers and sisters and to allow to be supported by them
Become part of this sacred circle of well-realized individuals ready for happiness!

Individual sessions:
You will be able to sign-up for an individual sessions with the facilitators for an individual Human Design analysis and De-armouring therapy to work on your own uniqueness and deepen the embodiment process.
You will receive your own personal Human Design Chart plus a 1 on 1 consultation from Mil Bo, to help realize your strengths, blocks, life lessons and the strategy you need to implement in order to thrive in your life, relationships, work and dreams.
You will receive an individual De-armouring body session with Deva Mukta to release your blocks and embody your personal design.
For more information and sign up contact the organizers.

There will be a follow-up.
Coming up next…
An adventure is waiting for you! Deep in yourself, in your real you!
– De-armouring and Sexuality – Human Design perspective on energy flow and relationships
– De-armouring and Genе keys – Shadows and Gifts

About Fascilitators:

Deva Mukta is a facilitator and a caregiver in the field of sexuality and body De-armouring. She conducts sexual and somatic trainings and therapies for empowerment and embodiment. Going on the road of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality for 9 years. Traveler and student of life, studying Tantra, De-armouring, Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, and other methods of treatment and care giving, body work, trauma research, somatic and neuropsychology. She was initiated in Indonesia. She has an initiation to work with Medicine in the Shamanic community in the Amazon. These days Deva Mukta works individually with men and women, couples, groups, combining her knowledge. Her passion for work is to support and initiate potential, freedom and sensuality in everyone.
More information about her.

Mil Bo is a Holistic Guide with more then 10 years experience working with groups and individuals, using methods like Human Design, Gene Keys, Tantra, De-armouring, Past Life Regressions, Body Purification and others.
She helped thousands of people to find their own uniqueness and start living a more fulfilled life.
More information about her.